Taking the brakes off lead’s journey to transition

Agenda for
21-23 June

Farid Ahmed
VP Global Strategy & Business Development, Ace Green Recycling
The lead industry is at a crossroads. Demand is forecast to continue growing, which will be fed through recycling, not primary supply. Although centred on Asia, consumption will also be maintained – not decline – in North America and Europe. The increasing proportion of secondary production in the total lead supply makes expansion of recycling capacity an imperative. But the global drive towards energy transition is in stark contrast to the need for more lead smelting capability. ACE Green closes this disparity with ground-breaking hydrometallurgical recycling, achieved with no Scope 1 emissions from a room temperature process. This transformative modular technology offers to significantly reduce issues around lead emissions from smelting, elevated blood lead levels, soil contamination and greenhouse gas emissions related to lead recycling, whilst still proving a commercially viable solution. The technology is already gaining traction from a number of new deployments, with many more under consideration currently on four continents. Whether an enhancement or replacement for traditional smelting, the ACE Green technology offers a brighter future for lead.


Farid Ahmed joined ACE Green Recycling in July 2022 as Vice President for Global Strategy & Business Development, bringing thirty years of metals and battery industry experience including market research, technical, operations and commercial roles.

Prior to joining ACE, Farid was the lead analyst for Wood Mackenzie, leaders in commercial intelligence. As a regular speaker at the key lead industry events, he was acknowledged as a principal expert on global lead markets. Before this, Farid founded a business consultancy, focused on the metals industry, with engagements including market strategy and analysis, raw materials acquisition, speciality products, process development, product failure analysis, capital investment and expert witness.

Farid holds a BEng honours degree in Metallurgy from the University of Leeds and is a member of the Institute of Consulting.