Net Positive: The power of Circular Economy and Sustainability in the Lead Industry

Agenda for
21-23 June

Flavio Bruno and Gustavo Santiago
Sustainabilitly and Metals Director and Head of Metals Supply Chain, Grupo Moura, Brazil
Caring for communities and their impact on the world has always been a constant concern for the Moura Group. Market leader in South America, the Group is a family business that began in 1957 in Belo Jardim, Pernambuco state, Brazil, becoming a reference in reverse logistics and positive impact on ESG.

With more than 6,500 employees and initially focused on the automotive sector, Moura has expanded its operations to other segments, currently producing more than 10 million batteries and energy storage systems for the most diverse applications, such as motorcycles, boats, forklifts, no-breaks, subways, trains, telephone stations, storage systems, among others. This growth is made possible thanks to its circular supply chain, which recycles 100% of the automotive batteries placed on the Brazilian market.

With seven industrial plants – six in Brazil and one in Argentina – Moura has the largest lead recycler in South America in its industrial park. The unit, located in Belo Jardim, was created more than 40 years ago and is responsible for the entire reverse logistics cycle of the company, separating plastic, lead, and other components, giving a proper destination and reuse when possible.

This feat guarantees the business's longevity and makes Moura products an environmentally appropriate solution.

In 2022, Moura announced the construction of a new recycling and metals unit, which will double the current capacity and bring technological processes aligned with international sustainability pillars. The new factory is expected to start operating in December 2023.

Grupo Moura is now among the 50 best workplaces in Brazil, according to the GPTW ranking. It also has a social action institute named after its founder, Conceição Moura, in addition to a partnership with the Edson Mororó Moura Institute of Technology and prominent technological institutes worldwide.


With MBAs in Business, Projects, Processes and Industrial Management, Flávio Bruno is currently the Director of Sustainability and Metals at Grupo Moura. As a Chemical Engineering student, Flávio Bruno joined Moura in the year of 2000 as an intern, developing his career later on became a Process Engineer, then Head of Production and Production Manager, and ultimately Engineering Manager and Industrial Manager.

Gustavo Santiago is the Head of Metals Supply Chain of Grupo Moura, where he has been operating for over 5 years. Graduated in Business Administration and with MBAs in Project Management and Supply Chain Management, Gustavo has a broad and long experience in the market, having also worked in the naval industry and in the supply area, with overseas experience in countries such as Japan and Panama.