Engitec Technologies - the widest range of plant capacities: from the CX® SMART up to the biggest breakers in the world

Agenda for
21-23 June

Daniele Silla
Commercial Manager, Engitec Technologies SpA, Italy
The global market for Battery Recycling is constantly moving, sometimes in an organized way, sometimes in apparently chaotic way. Some regions of the world are paying the bill to the crisis and some others are continuously seeking to invest and develop.
This is what makes the industry of battery recycling and lead production extremely exciting.
Engitec is putting its experienced knowledge at the service of the Lead industry.
In fact, at the same time, Engitec is realizing Plants with an input capacity of 12.000 ton/year of exhaust batteries (the new CX® SMART), and Plants with an input capacity of more than 350.000 ton/year (CX® 50tph).
In this paper the Author makes an excursus of Engitec plants: from the smallest ones, up to the biggest Plants in the world, with special focus on the new CX® SMART.


Daniele Silla, has been serving Engitec Technologies S.p.A. in capacity of Commercial Manager since 2017, after an intense period of “Training on the Job” started in 2013. His collaboration with Engitec spans 10 years as of now.
Born in 1986, he followed a scientific school Education, Liceo Scientifico G. Aselli (Cremona).
In 2007 he received a Degree in Economics and Management at University L. Bocconi, integrated, shortly after, with a Master Degree in Applied Economics received in 2009 at Catholic University (Milan).
His more than 12 years of experience in international business started when he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Senegal - Technical Local Unit, where he has served technical missions for Logistics and Microfinance Projects.
Daniele has contributed to the educational programs of the Lead Industry by preparing and giving several technical papers at international symposiums during the past few years.