Developments in Chinese environmental legislation impacting lead value chains

Agenda for
21-23 June

Jianbin Meng
Director of Economics and Environment, International Lead and Zinc Study Group, Portugal
In 2022, China continued its dominance in the world lead industry. Its mine production, refined lead metal production, and refined lead metal usage accounted for 44%, 43%, and 41% of the world total respectively. At the same time, lead and lead-containing products are being put under stricter environmental, health, and safety scrutiny by regulators all over the world including China. Mr. Jianbin Meng will examine the development of environmental legislation in China and its implications on lead and lead-containing products in three stages: history, status quo, and future development. Policy recommendations and outreach activities in order to better the general public's and regulator's perspective toward lead and lead-containing products will be discussed during his speech.


Mr. Jianbin Meng is the Director of Economics and Environment for both the International Lead And Zinc Study Group and the International Nickel Study Group, which are intergovernmental organizations established within the UN system. In the course of his more than 20 years of profession in metal and mining industry, Mr. Meng amassed experience in both the ferrous and non-ferrous sectors. He had been the Editor-in-Chief of China Metallurgical Newsletter, Liaison Officer of International Cooperation, Director of International Consulting, Cooperation, and Exhibition of State Administration of Metallurgical Industry and China Iron and Steel Association before he joined the Study Groups.