Lead Battery 360°- global initiative to promote and recognise good practices in lead battery value chains

Agenda for
21-23 June

Hywel Jarman
Communications Director, International Lead Association, United Kingdom
In Europe and North America, lead battery recycling is one of the best examples of the circular economy in action, delivering valuable raw materials for the domestic manufacturing of new advanced batteries that are used in applications ranging from vehicles to UPS and energy storage. The foundation for this success story is the availability of highly regulated recyclers who put environmental protection and safety of their employees at the top of their agenda. These companies demonstrate that it is possible to produce lead without having an adverse impact on human health or the environment.

Regrettably, the standards for recycling lead batteries and other lead containing waste are not universally high and poor practices, often involving informal recyclers, have long blighted low- and middle-income countries resulting in pollution that has catastrophic impacts on workers and local communities.

Lead battery 360° is a global programme established by four associations representing the lead and lead battery industries – the International Lead Association (ILA), Battery Council International (BCI), the Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers (EUROBAT) and the Association of Battery Recyclers (ABR) – to unlock the power of lead batteries for a sustainable future. It has mission to champion best practices in lead mining, lead production and lead battery manufacturing and recycling by encouraging responsible practices along the entire battery value chain no matter where batteries are produced and recycled.

Steve will provide an update on Lead battery 360° and some of the recent initiatives it has supported to improve recycling practices in Africa and elsewhere.


Hywel Jarman joined ILA in 2018. He is responsible for ILA’s communications and advocacy programmes. A former journalist he has held senior communications and public affairs roles in the private and public sectors.