When the concept of “Circular Economy” was not even in the imagination of the most foresight futurologists, the Shareholders of Engitec Technologies S.p.A. where developing and patenting innovative technologies addressed to the recovery and treatment of various kind of scrap and waste produced by the metallurgical industries worldwide.

Among the various “Green Technologies” the “Evergreen Technology, is represented by the complete Plants for the recycling of spent lead-acid battery, which meet the most stringent environmental regulations all over the world, that are designed, manufactured and supplied by Engitec, also on EPC basis if so desired by the Clients. In this field, Engitec’s know-how ranges from the breaking of the batteries and the separation of their components, through paste desulphurization and gaseous emissions treatment, to lead production via smelting and refining or direct electrowinning of desulphurized paste.  These plants process full batteries without releasing any liquid effluent.  Engitec has delivered plants in over than 40 countries throughout the 5 continents, and with full range of capacities going from the very small plant sized for 11,000 tpy through the extra-large exceeding 240,000 tpy of treated batteries. 

Engitec Technologies is rightly considered the Master in Circular Economy!